Constitutional Amendment

Constitutional amendment

1) In 10 Conference, replace 10.2 with new 10.2 which reads as follows: "Conference shall be held at least once a year, with further conferences held at the discretion of conference committee. The timing for conference(s) shall be determined by conference committee. One conference may be classed as a training conference provided there is at least one session for each of policy motions and Executive Report/motions on officers.

2) In Appendices, Election Regulations, at the end of 7, insert the words "In addition to any candidates for a given position, the returning officer shall include the option to re-open nominations (RON) on the ballot paper."

3) In Appendices, Conference Regulations, replace 3.1.1, with "Policy Motions: 14 days prior to conference opening." and replace 3.1.3 with "Policy Motion Amendments: Three days prior to conference opening."

4) In Appendices, Conference Regulations, in 3.3.2, insert further bullet point "Lack of time in Conference Agenda and Conference. Only applies if conference is already debating at least 3 policy motions.

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