Dale Hargrove

I’m Dale Hargrove: I study Politics at Cardiff University and have canvassed for Dr Julian Huppert at the 2015 General Election in the City of Cambridge, I was a youth councillor for South Cambridgeshire for 3 years as the position of Scrutiny, ensuring our policies were the best they could be. I also lent a hand to other youth councillor’s with more weighty portfolios in order to help the Council be efficient and effective, which is what I shall try to do if elected as the Non-Portfolio officer of the Federal Executive

If Elected I will do my utmost to achieve the following:

The Hargrove proposals:

A.      Electoral reforms: 

Those running for positions MUST have a relevant manifesto for each position that they are standing for. This is to ensure that people only stand for positions if they have a plan of action, and to positions they have a clear passion and responsibility for, this will also increase accountability between the executive and the rest of the Young Liberals.

 B.      Accountability:

The young Liberals needs to be a clear and open channel, therefore I would suggest and work toward having Fortnightly reports of all areas of the Executive and have it published through social media to recognise achievements of the Executive and to show projects that are being progressed towards. This will allow the Young Liberals to understand exactly what is happening within the Executive and adds credibility to the Executive as they can show which manifesto policies are being successful and which projects committees are working on.

C.      Flexibility:

As with my experience on scrutiny for the South Cambridgeshire youth council, I will aim to help the other members of the Executive with their own projects and workload. Lending a hand and having a different viewpoint can be a real benefit to policies and ideas when it comes to transferring them from our minds and into working policies that help the Young Liberals.

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