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A Higher Minimum Wage For Hours That Are Not Guaranteed In A Contract

Conference Notes:
1. The results from the November 2016 survey of businesses indicated that there were 1.7 million contracts that did not guarantee a minimum number of hours. This represented 6% of all employment contracts.

  1. Unemployment and employment rates have returned to pre-recession levels.

  2. However the proportion of people in part time employment because they could not

find a full time job (12.8%) and the proportion of people in a temporary job because they could not find a permanent one (28.5%) have not recovered from recession levels.

Conference Believes:
1. Contracts that do not guarantee hours can be very useful for people with commitments who want to be able to turn down hours i.e. students and elderly people
2. However contracts that have no guaranteed hours offer no job security and make financial planning extremely difficult for the workers who rely on them as their only source of income.
3. Employers should choose between having cheap labour and the flexibility of a contract with no guaranteed hours.
4. We should incentivise employers to guarantee hours to workers that want them.

Conference Calls For:
1. Non-Contracted hours to have a higher minimum wage set by an independent body 

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