A new approach to drugs

The Tories have introduced a Psychoactive Substances Bill which aims to ban substances such as "poppers" and laughing gas from legal use. In reaction the Lib Dems have come out in force and called for the decriminalisation of possession of drugs for personal use and the decriminalisation of medical cannabis.

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#LYelects kicks off!

Last Wednesday (June 10th) an email was sent out advertising all positions available for Liberal Youth's executive. The response was overwhelming! Over 35 people have put their names forward for the three positions which are: Campaigns Officer, Non-Portfolio Officer and Treasurer/Finance Officer. 

Campaigning officially starts now. Ballots will be sent out next Wednesday (June 24th) and will be open for two weeks (July 8th). 

We can't wait to see what all the nominees have to say and best of luck to everyone taking part. There is loads of information about the elections on the Chatbox, click here to join and see what's going on! If you want a more specific information then drop our Policy Officer, Ryan Mercer an email.

Manifesto's and contact details for candidates are available here.


Come to Lib Dem conference!

Summer may just be getting started but here at Liberal Youth we're already getting exited for the Liberal Democrat Autumn conference and the great news is that registration is now open, hurray!  

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Be part of a movement

Since polling day something awesome has been happening, people are joining the Liberal Democrats in their thousands. Why? Because the British people want to stand up for liberty, equality and freedom. Because we want a society that is united, tolerant and fair. 

Liberal Youth's membership has gone up by 160% - and we now have over 7,300 members are are growing more and more everyday. A massive welcome to our new members and if you're thinking of joining us then go for it! Liberal Youth are instinctively open and tolerant in our outlook and optimistic about the future. We are passionate about creating a thriving, modern, fairer country in which every young person has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Being a member of Liberal Youth is different, you have the power to change things, we influence the main parties policies and make sure that young people are represented in the wider political sphere.

Unlike other parties, our members vote on our policies, elect our leaders and give their communities a voice. You can sign up here or if you want to have a chat with one of our super friendly team members then give us a call on 020 7022 0988. Or, if you prefer communicating via the world wide web then drop our staff member Olivia an email, and she'll tell you everything you need to know!  

Last Wednesday 120 volunteers visited the Liberal Democrats headquarters to meet like minded liberal folks and have a few drinks! There are loads of these events going on across the country so please do get involved - you can find more information here. Liberal Youth will also be hosting some of our own events - so keep your eyes on your inbox's! 


Manifesto Highlights for Young People

You can read the Lib Dems full manifesto here but Liberal Youth had a quick leaf through the Lib Dem manifesto for some of the policies we thought you might be interested in. Here’s a few of the highlights we picked out:  

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Nick Clegg launches Liberal Democrat election campaign with help from Liberal Youth!

Only the Liberal Democrats can offer a stronger economy and a fairer society, Nick Clegg said at the launch of his party’s General Election campaign. Yesterday Nick kick-started the race to polling day in the key target seat of Oxford West and Abingdon alongside brilliant parliamentary candidate Layla Moran.  

He said: “Everybody knows that our country has been through a very difficult time. You, your friends and your family have had to work hard and make a lot of sacrifices. The good news is your hard work is paying off. So the question now is: how can you make sure your hard work doesn't go to waste? How do we finish the job, but make sure that we do it fairly, with a Government that serves the whole country?

“Which party stands up for decent British values of fairness, compassion and generosity? Which of the political parties is going to deliver a stronger economy and a fairer society, not force us to choose one of the other, but deliver both.The answer is the Liberal Democrats."

The campaign will focus on the five main priorities that will feature on the front page of the manifesto. Each week of the campaign will highlight on one of the priorities. The party also unveiled their battle bus designed by two graphic design students and we think it looks great!

It might have been wet windy and rainy but Liberal Youth were out in force supporting Nick and the brilliant Layla. This was our second weekend in the beautiful constituency of Oxford West and Abingdon as we were campaigning there a few weeks ago for one of our national action weekends. They have a great team in Oxford and would welcome any help you can give them. So, if you do have a bit of free time between now and the General Election then drop their organiser an email by clicking here and let them know you want to get involved! 



Norman Lamb on Mental Health

Check out Norman speaking to the Student Room on Mental Health. 


Conference Success for Liberal Youth

The Liberal Democrat Spring Conference 2015 will go down as a resounding success in the Liberal Youth history books. We not only hosted a successful fringe event on why mental health matters to young people but our amendments on mental health and unpaid interns both passed, proving that Liberal Youth are a force to be reckoned with!

Our stall was incredibly popular and we had loads visits from top Lib Dem politicians including the main man himself, Nick Clegg. We also co-hosted a training session on winning the youth vote, which was one of the most popular of the conference, standing room only! A big thank you to everybody who came and helped out. We had a brilliant time. 

But fear not! The fun doesn't stop here, we are hosting our very own conference this weekend in Leeds. It's going to be loads of fun with plenty of training, campaigning and socialising. Register now to make sure you get your accommodation. If you have any questions about the weekend then you can email our wonderful events officer Emily, here



Your Guide to Lib Dem Spring Conference

We know only to well that conference can be a bit of a crazy time so simply click here to download your easy to use guide for Spring Conference. It includes all the great things that Liberal Youth are up to and who you need to contact if you need help. 

You can check out the official conference guide online by clicking here. You can also have a look at a city guide to Liverpool here which can tell you what's happening the beautiful city of Liverpool. 

We can't wait to see you there and safe travels everybody! 


Diversity Training Weekend

This weekend the Diversity Team at LDHQ hosted a training weekend for 18-25 year olds from minority backgrounds. It was a great weekend with plenty of networking, training and visits from PPCs, MPs and peers. 

Participants met Ibrahim Taguri PPC for Brent Central, Michael Bukola PPC for Lewisham Deptford as well as Simon Hughes MP and Baroness Ece-Hussein. They had training on a number of things from leadership and debating skills to how to react to a press crisis! 

Liberal Youth member, Irfan Ahmed also contributed to the weekend and gave a brilliant speech on the role that Liberal Youth plays within the federal party and how people can get involved. 

A big thank-you to everyone who attended the weekend and also to the Diversity Team, who organised it all. If you missed out this time then don't worry because there will be more opportunities to receive training after the General Election!


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