Thomas Gravatt

Hey everyone, I’m Thomas Gravatt and I’m running to be the Young Liberals South Central Regional Chair. I’m a final year Modern History and Politics student at Southampton University and president of the Liberal Democrat Society at the University. I am also the parliamentary candidate for the Southampton Test constituency.

As you might expect I do a lot of campaigning. This leads me to value the links that student groups have with their local parties very highly. In my view, if a youth group does not talk to its local Lib Dems it is shutting itself off from making actual change. I would work to make sure all YL groups have a strong and productive link with the local party so they can work together on elections and campaigns.

Key Aims

1)      Help create links between YL groups and their local parties.

2)      Organise action days within South Central to help young candidates.

3)      Encourage YL presence in May’s local elections and any other by-elections.

4)      Consider cross society socials and South Central wide YL socials.

5)      Encourage members in South Central to seek election to Young Liberals, Local Councils and parliament.

I will work hard as Young Liberals South Central Regional Chair to achieve these aims. If you think I would do a good job, then vote for me.

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