We need you


Are you wanting to gain some invaluable campaigning experience in the General Election, have fun and make new friends? Then look no further! Liberal Youth have some seats who are looking for energetic volunteers.

Simply drop their organiser an email offering to help. Or if you want some more information about what volunteering entails then email our full time member of staff Olivia, at olivia.blunn@libdems.org.uk 

Cardiff Central: Michael.Wallace@cardifflibdems.org.uk 

Sheffield Hallam: stevemaxwell.libdem@gmail.com

Cambridge: james.austin@cambridgelibdems.org.uk

Bath: evalilyfielding@hotmail.com

Bristol West: organiser.nbld@googlemail.com

OxWAb: whgriffiths.oxwab@gmail.com

Solihull: rory@wmlibdems.org

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